These 5 B2B Marketplaces are the Best Alibaba B2B Competitors to Trust

Alibaba B2B Competitors

Are you searching for a chance to enter the global market? Would you like to realize how to turn into an export business? All things considered, if you were running a B2B organization 10 years back, you may have confronted a few difficulties in associating with global B2B purchasers. However, in the current B2B condition, you can register on the top B2B marketplaces to start your worldwide trading journey.

These days, various online B2B marketplaces are devoted to helping organizations associate with remote purchasers within days. At the point when we talk about foreign B2B marketplaces, the most remarkable one that surfaces is Alibaba. Alibaba has been operating at the top for a considerable length of time. However, you can’t hope to get all the business you need from one stage. There are numerous Alibaba B2B competitors that you can allude to, to create more leads and transformations.

Here are the top Alibaba B2B competitors you should join today to gain business growth.

Top-notch B2B Marketplaces Renowned for Being Prospective Alibaba Competitors

1 – Amazon Marketplace

First is none other than the fastest growing online business platform, Amazon. Even though Amazon is increasingly well known for its B2C ecommerce stage, its B2B arrangement is additionally getting loads of consideration. Moreover, because of the rising number of global B2B organizations, Amazon Business has become an incredible platform.


With the assistance of Amazon Business, little, medium and large scale organizations can start their universal trade journey. Despite there are numerous online B2B marketplaces with a similar methodology, you can join Amazon Business to have a significant effect in Asia. As a brand, Amazon has discovered heaps of achievement in the past few years. This brand can assist you in setting a solid influence in the B2B world.

2 – Global Sources

Global Sources is one of the pioneers of online B2B Marketplaces to get recorded on NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations). Subsequent to its launch back in 2000, this Singaporean organization figured out how to draw in driving B2B purchasers and suppliers. Consistently, a huge number of online platforms pay bunches of money to get their image included in this B2B commercial marketplace. Global Sources has set its target to offer an agreeable and cordial online stage for global traders and buyers to bridge.

global sources

This Alibaba B2B competitor is likewise offering a registry loaded up with driving Chinese producers and providers. Besides, Global Sources is associated with the International Trade Fairs of Hong Kong. This is an exchange occasion that is partaken by every renowned purchaser and suppliers from Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Taiwan.

Hence, if you are searching for quality brands, then this platform ought to be the one you need to operate on.

3 – Made-in-China

Made-in-China is one of the most seasoned B2B marketplaces launched in 1996 by Focus Technology. This Chinese B2B marketplace is the leading Alibaba competitor you can trust.

made in china

The unmistakable expectation behind launching this universal platform was to empower little and medium local B2B organizations to associate with remote buyers. Made-in-China is a trustworthy association known for offering quality help to all organizations in getting them perceived on a global scale. They additionally offer companies to get their items recorded in the best 10 rundown. A limited product list enhances the odds of you creating more requests.

4 – EC21

EC21 is a Korean online B2B marketplace established in 1997. Throughout the years, EC21 has figured out how to help numerous local Korean associations send out their items. They have figured out how to keep up a group of marketing specialists who can assist organizations with developing online through top-class social media and SEO marketing methodologies.


EC21 started its exceptional services, which includes computerized advertising in the year 2004. From that point forward, various local organizations have profited by producing an online presence. EC21 is right now generally active in Russia, China, Malaysia, India and Korea. This Alibaba B2B competitor has more than 2 million enlisted individuals, 7 million registered products, 3.5 million web traffic, and 3.5 million B2B active buyers.

5 – ThomasNet

ThomasNet can be viewed as a pioneer in associating B2B organizations. They have been around for over a hundred years. ThomasNet has devoted its deep-rooted administrations to helping universal organizations grow.


As innovation was turning into a fundamental piece of business, ThomasNet propelled its online B2B marketplace. Also, this entryway helped B2B providers locate the best worldwide purchasers to exchange with. This online stage permits you to see professional resources, product records, and digital devices to assist you with building up a superior B2B promotional campaign.

ThomasNet has an objective focus on most organizations that have a place with the industrial area. Truth be told, if you have a place with the mechanical part and are manufacturing products, you should enlist your business on this Alibaba competitor for more leads and sales.

Connecting the Dots

Regardless of whether you are doing your running B2B organization, you can’t anticipate that it should play out each year. Many driving B2B businesses have confronted poor deals throughout the years because of financial risks. Likewise, you may even experience a drop in your sales because of inability to utilize digital marketing methods — that is where the top online B2B marketplaces act like a hero.

Notwithstanding, the genuine question that emerges here is, “Which online B2B marketplace is the best?” To be straightforward, all the mentioned B2B gateways worth enrolment. What’s more, the vast majority of these Alibaba B2B competitors offer elite packages for premium members which incorporate advanced services. Consequently, you ought to consistently enroll on more than one B2B marketplace to produce inquiries from all corners.

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