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If we talk about numbers WeChat has over 1 billion users and is considered as the most popular messaging app. Although the WeChat is not equally popular globally. However, it does have a substantial presence in many countries, especially in India. Tencent owns WeChat, which is among Asia’s largest companies by market share. WeChat offers a solid chat experience. Like many Chinese appsincluding TikTok, WeChat scores low on the fronts of privacy. As per CitizenLabs, it was revealed that WeChat does surveillance on non-Chinese users. Spying can lead anyone to seek Wechat alternative in India. If this fact makes you uncomforatble, then here are six best WeChat alternative for you in 2020.

1 – WhatsApp – #1 WeChat Alternative

whatsapp a wechat alternative

Does WhatsApp require any introduction or any explanation as to why it has placed on top of our list? First thing first, WhatsApp has whopping outreach determined below:

  • More than 2 billion users in 180 countries
  • More than 2 billion voice and video calls are carried per day.

Above numbers suggest WhatsApp can be seen as a way to unblock WeChat in India. WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook and by far is the most popular messaging app globally. Above number depicts the dominance of this WhatsApp in the messaging app’s world. So, if you are finding WeChat alternative to make a match regarding features and popularity front, then join WhatsApp instantly.

Further features of WhatsApp as a Wechat alternative in India are described below:


WhatsApp supports multimedia just like WeChat and you can share images, documents, videos and voice messages.

Also, WhatsApp provides more reliability in terms of audio and video calls in even low internet coverage.

Maximum number of participants:

WhatsApp allows a maximum of 8 participants to engage in a video call while WeChat supports 9. You can use WhatsApp on your computer or PC as well and remain connected with your loved ones.

Set status:

You can set a video or audio status on WhatsApp and remain live for 24 hours.

So, WhatsApp is simply the best WeChat alternative; both for iOS and Android.

2 – Telegram

telegram wechat alternative

With 400 million active users, Telegram is far from from WhatsApp in terms of popularity. However, it is the safest messaging app when we talk about an alternative to WeChat. For additional security, the captioned app encrypts all data including media and chats with the combination of 2048-bit RSA encryption, 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange. Therefore, you don’t have to worry regarding unblocking of WeChat in India.

Apart from offering the top-notch security to your data, Telegram also offers a more instinctive messaging experience than WeChat. The clutter-free user interface helps it function faster, unlike WeChat which is often perceived as sluggish.

Another attribute that makes Telegram a WeChat alternative in India is the ability to create a ‘group chat’ with maximum 200, 000 members. In comparison, WeChat lets users make a group chat with only 500 members.

3 – Messenger

messenger wechat alternative

If your eyeballs have sight on searching the feature-packed alternative to WeChat, we would recommend you to seriously consider Messenger. Possibly the best part regarding this messaging app is its integration with Facebook. Knowing the popularity of Facebook (neraly 2 billion users) is, most of your loved ones might already be using messenger app. Hence, you can easily say messenger is one of the best WeChat alternatives.

You can communicate with Messenger in various ways, which let you care-free as how to unblock WeChat in India. Be it a voice message, text message, audio or video call, Messenger gives coverage of 360 degree. Thanks to recent update, Messenger can even let you start a video-conferencing with up to 50 people. In comparison, WeChat lets nine members. Messenger also provides a lightning fast and comparatively safe way of making payment. Facebook is focusing on de-cluttering the Messenger app and that makes it among the best WeChat alternatives available in the market.

4 – Skype

skype a wechat alternative

While there are a plethora of video-calling apps in the stores, only few can match the rapport of Skype. If the high video quality is what you need, Skype is the ultimate recommendation for you. Despite of letting you communicate via video/audio calls, the app also enables you chat using instant messages. If we see as a WeChat alternative, Skype supports a cleaner user-interface. Also, Skype has better optimization and runs smoothly across platforms including Mac, Android, iPhone, and Windows.

Loaded with a wide library of GIFs, Skype enables you send various GIFs and you don’t need to pay heed towards unblocking WeChat in India. Also, you can annotate photos and even share fun-loving emoji. In addition, Skype also lets you send SMS and call landline anywhere in the world at a fairly affordable price.

If you need to communicate with non-Skype users or contacts who are off line, you will require Skype Credit or Skype subscriptions. Note that Skype subscriptions begin at $2.99 a month if you are in the US, and they vary by countries.

5 – Snapchat

snapchat a wechat alternative

Snapchat is an amazing social networking app and popular for a long time. If you want to some for social networking with loads of fun-elements, Snapchat could be the way to go. Yes, you got that right!

Snapchat scores higher than WeChat in terms of fun-loving interaction. The app entails a smart camera to quickly let you capture amazing snaps and share them with your connections. With hundreds of beautifully designed filters, you can provide the desired look to your snaps dependent upon specific themes.

Further, Snapchat is home to many fun effects and eye-catching lenses. If you want your snaps to grab attention, those effects and lenses can come into play. As a WeChat alternative, Snapchat lets you catch up with original shows, breaking news, and community stories.

In comparison to WeChat alternative in India, Snapchat’s collection of stories and news are better organized and more reliable. Another noteworthy feature, i.e. “snap map” which you cant get if you use VPN to unblock WeChat in India. Snap map makes it simpler to see where our friends are hanging out and know their location. Also, the ability to play games with friends also catches attention in equal measure.

6 – Line

Line as a wechat alternative

With more than 600 million users globally, Line is among the highly-rated social networking platforms. So, non need to unblock WeChat in India .

First, it’s equipped with every essential tool to let you communicate via multiple ways like video, voice, and messages. Second, it also permits you to conduct group calls with up to 200 individuals to remain in contact with friends. And third, Line features (probably) the biggest stickers’ stock. Aside from being in large quantity, these stickers are also available in variety.

wechat alternative line interface

So, based upon your specific theme, you can send various stickers to your friend and keep your messaging mood alive. Another feature that makes Line a better alternative to WeChat is the capability to make international calls to landlines and phones at relatively low rates. If you have to make calls frequently and in a cost-effective manner, to those living abroad, Line should be your frontrunner.

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