19 Best Zombie Games Online of All Time

best zombie games online

Best zombie games: Zombies create magnificent antagonists. They plod dark mirrors who mimic our society’s shortsightedness. Zombies are emotionless and plentiful eaters of meat that makes them ideal cannon fodder for twitch shooters and action films. Their wasted faces provide humor and horror equally in best of zombie games. They are serving the colossal part in zombie games in gaming landscapes for decades. 

Here are the best zombie games in 2020:

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

It is one of the bizarre, expansive and colorful online zombie games from the golden times of LucasArts. It’s a devilishly amusing game that depends on charming and peculiar activity for the majority of the chuckles. The magnificent animation foes are a large portion of the fun. Before the journey is over you will fight space bugs, spare team promoters, jump on trampolines and battle a goliath child. 

Past the flashy trappings, it’s a very much structured agreeable shooter that figures out how to discover environmentally-destructive utilizations from everything- from spurt firearms to rocket launchers. Since the primary purpose of each level is protecting regular folks as opposed to crushing adversaries, it additionally requires significantly more idea to finish than your normal arcade-style online zombies game.

The House of the Dead

Alongside Resident Evil, this notable on-rails arcade shooter reestablished zombies’ mainstream society pertinence during the ’90s. This best of the zombie games helped in the restoration of the zombie film genre 10 years later. 

In a 2013 meeting with Paul Weedon, George A. Romero, since quite a while ago thought about dad of zombie motion pictures, credited House of the Dead and RE with promoting current zombies “more than anything else.

1st and 2nd remake of the house of the dead were confirmed recently as an online zombies game.

State of Decay 

The State of Decay series was introduced as a best zombie games Xbox one Live Arcade game in 2013. The game trades in the genre’s typical quick-paced brain-bashing for a slower speed focus on community building and survival.

The 2018 spin-off based on this zombie-sandbox framework, growing in size and including four-player co-op while keeping up the strained quality that goes with the danger of permadeath.

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine is the single VR-only game on our list of best of zombie games. It’s an extensively deep game, highlighting a crusade, crowd mode, and co-op capability for each. 

Arizona Sunshine is conveyed by its beautiful desehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6C9NFL6j44crt setting and fulfilling, head-popping gunplay. Its expanded submersion as a virtual Reality game aids it to stand out among gaming’s other zombie-slaughtering adventures.

Dying Light 

Dying Light consolidates a portion of Minecraft’s most prominent qualities as a online zombies game. The qualities such as scavenging for materials in an open world, thing creating, and unnerving beasts that come out around evening time with a strong hand to hand battle, a fun and quick traversal framework, and catching snares. Zombies and grappling hooks: a match made in a gaming paradise.

Urban Dead

Urban Dead is about ten years old zombies game online. However, its developments are still strikingly one of a kind. Each carcass you experience or gang you discover is a breathing, living player. And the results in reality as we know it where both the living and the dead act with shrewd makes this a haunt-fully energizing simulation as an online zombies game. Fourteen years after its release, Urban Dead stays a spellbinding experience in the game structure.

Call of Duty – World at War

At last we get the combination of Zombies, World War II and multiplayer shootouts. Nazis have been identified with mystery, (both in all actuality and famous fiction) and Treyarch’s decision to bet everything on the goofy grindhouse aesthetic, changed the substance of multiplayer shooters. 

Zombies helped the disposition in an arrangement that was progressively buried in its own pomposity, reminding players, pundits, and makers that it is all a video game.

Dead Rising

After the successful series of its Resident Evil, Capcom presented another, cheerful interpretation of the zombie genre with Dead Rising. Missing is the strained horror of Resident Evil, supplanted by a quick-paced zombie butcher-fest covered in the camp. Its greatest quality, however, lies in its weapon variation. 

With crowds of zombies to murder, Dead Rising’s shopping centre setting empowers countless ways for hero Frank West to let the dead back to rest. From attire stores to hair salons, toy stores to food courts, every one of Dead Rising’s areas presents players with a significant assortment of deadly routine items.

They are Billions

They Are Billions, as the name suggest is a survival mode genre. It is an excellent combo of RTS gameplay and zombie horror. Players must form and deal with a dystopian city, at the same time knowing swarms of undead are in transit to tear everything to the ground. 

With a focus on protection — a need considering you’ll be confronting hundreds of zombies at a time. They Are Billions, uniquely advances from a city developer to a tense, frequently overpowering game of endurance.


DayZ contrasted the unrealism of the zombie infestation alongside the hyperrealism of hunger, infection, exposure, and the degeneration of human nature in front of the disaster. You never know if the next person you met was there to help you or murder you. It is an addictively engaging zombies game online. 

Everything from Fortnight to Rust owe,s DayZ is a magnificent debt for its manifestation to throw unarmed players into a hostile landscape with their fellow humans and see what happens. Turns out the zombies are hardly the real monsters.

Undead Nightmare: Red Dead Redemption

Red dead redemption was a zombie bliss with a dose of supernatural Armageddon to boot. It turned out John Marston was born to slay the undead and ride the horses of the apocalypse. Undead Nightmare set the standard for one-player DLC and remains a glaring example of reimagined excellence.

Planescape: Toment

Planescape torment is too good to miss and it is so captivating that you hardly find words to define the magnitude of its brilliance. This is among the best RPG games and is a crime against life itself not to play this game.

Planescape torment is one the best RPG games you will play. It is crammed with undead including zombies and designated to alternately hilarious and sad purposes. 

Torment is a profoundly gnawing and deplorable RPG that practically turns each figure of speech and genre on its head. It’s likewise very open today, with mobile ports and a pleasant sparkling GOG covering to play on modern PCs.

Plants vs Zombies

The original Plants vs. Zombies is blended with solid game play that appeals masses. This game was popular among hardcore and casual audience and it was equally playable on mobile, PC and consoles.

It discovered prompt success in straightforwardness and life span in its assortment of plants and zombies. It’s addictive, wave-based loop brought forth various authority official follow-ups and incalculable other imitators.

Resident Evil 4

From its panic-inducing run-in alongside the villagers via its jet-ski escape, Resident Evil 4 is filled with memorable scares. It is smart alongside scary in design and IGN called it as “best survival horror game ever created”.

The Last of Us

The clickers are technically massive fungus-people, but they’re really zombies. It’s frightful, it’s sad, it’s chafing, and it’s beautiful. A generation after release, The Last of Us stays a benchmark against which extraordinary video game drama is compared.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 permitted you to encounter a solitary terrifying night through the novel viewpoint of two casualties. Their occasional covering ways both winding toward horrific revelations in a city destroyed by an unleashed bio-weapon. It’s a massively atmospheric game and provides incredible pacing with a developing feeling of fear. This game also has a decent beast configuration, visit bounce alarms, and enough resource shortage to keep things tense through the end.

It is also packed with slow and old school zombies.

The Walking Dead 

Before the TV show sucked long ago, the Walking Dead enforced us giggle a bit. Via masterfully-written first season, Telltale proved that click and point adventure games can manage to terrify.

The Walking Dead Season 1 aided a revival of adventure game storytelling that continues to impact game design. Telltale may be gone, but their horror masterpiece remains undead in the history of zombie games.

Resident Evil HD Remaster

The tighter and almost claustrophobic design of this game often heighten the horror. The consistent danger of the fearsome Crimson Heads in territories you’ve recently cleared powers an aggravating feeling of fear. The fear that you are in nonstop zombie peril regardless of how intensely armed you become. The cheesy dialogue is also a treat to listen and play.

If you end the game within three hours, you can bomb zombies with a rocket launcher. This game is different to other best zombie games PS4.

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is one of the best zombies games online of all time due to following reasons:

  • new weaponry (including melee weapons),
  • improved campaigns,  
  • additional modes (Realism and Scavenge), and 
  • Introduction of new types of zombie (Spitter, Jockey, and Charger)


Above are the all time best of zombie games. Tell us yours in the comment section below.

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