Can Coworking Spaces be the Future Classroom

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Coworking spaces do not hold themselves back by involving in the usual and routine clientele types.

Students are the new focus and yes, they can get a lot out of using the co-working spaces at present. Education has its importance in casting and building the next generation. So, new trends and changes are yet to happen in the field of education.

Time has changed and the conventional methods have changed a long time ago. With a whole semester of kids being taught online, you may wonder why coworking spaces find it a chance. Education and its ways require innovation and revamp.

Open and informal education are getting more popular worldwide and are getting acceptance. Countries like Finland have already incorporated coworking space in the educational curriculum of the students. 

Here are a few reasons why students can make use of the coworking space as future classrooms.

1. Not Everyone has Equal Access to Resources

A country like India would not detain from providing education and training for future generation. In the name of close down when we are very much forward in technology.

Online classes, video lecturing, all are part of a student’s daily life today and no one is ever going to miss out on the opportunities. Coworking areas give students and parents the infinite access to knowledge through the Internet.

What if a student finds it difficult to have access to these technologies due to personal reasons? 

Coworking spaces provide them with the ideal resources, the infrastructure and the comfortable atmosphere to study.

The flexibility in timing is one important factor that students will find relevant especially if they are trying to balance work and studies. A co working space in Pune has students who study distant courses and use coworking space for the same.  

2. Future Students get to Study in a Work Inspired Atmosphere

While studying in a coworking space, students get to see and learn the ways of a corporate world they are going to step into, giving them an advantage in the race.

They can converse and communicate with the coworkers and learn about the practical side of what they are learning.

And, maybe, even get an internship out of the coworking industries if they find you relevant and talented enough. 

3. Mentorship Opportunities for the Students

Students after knowing what they want to pursue in life should be streamlined in their way fo passion, rather than holding them back with the conventional styles.

Coworking spaces always have workers who are made on their own, who can manage their company, their work, etcand anyone at a coworking space can have a story of experience and will to share with the students.

You get people with technical knowledge and first-hand experience of entrepreneurship at the coworking space. 

The Shared Office Space in HSR layout is in the plan of launching a mentorship plan for the students who find coworking spaces to be future classrooms and make maximum use of it.

4. The Collaborative Mindset of Coworking Spaces

In contrast to the hierarchical methodology persisting in the traditional classrooms, coworking spaces provide more of a collaborative and discussion-oriented session of classes, which would bring included feeling in all students.

Students speaking for themselves about what they think has been proved to be more powerful than someone feeding them the ready-made opinions and norms.

5. Completing the Deadlines in Time

Stats say that 64% of the people using coworking spaces are to complete the deadlines in time. Increasing productivity is important for a student as it counts as one of his skills.

Completing deadlines and being punctual is one factor that makes students be different from others and it also helps them boost their confidence.

Coworking spaces provide them with the ambience to work and study more focused and productive, which is the whole point of studying.

6. College to Corporate Shift is Going to be Easier

One of the prime difficulties that a student faces is, getting used to the ways of how the corporate world works.

 The transition is the important factor anyone who can handle it smoothly is more likely to remain in the game. The transition takes most of the time, and companies are more likely to hire a person who can easily catch up with that.

 Coworking spaces give you such an environment already and train you for the same. It imparts you with responsibility, values and many more which will be handy when you join a company.

7. The Need for Diversity in Thoughts in the Student

Students often tend to drift apart from their passion, just to be the “normal”, leaving them with lesser choices.

Coworking spaces would be the ideal place to provide the students with insights about the diverse chances out there.

Coworking spaces have coworkers who have different types of business, different working styles, different ideas. Students, when they interact with these coworkers, get an idea about the choices in professional and personal life.

 Hackathons, the most trending quest for talent and knowledge, is the most appealing form of coworking that students get a chance to learn and work on new and advanced stuff overnight in a space outside the classroom.

Changes are happening, and it is for the good. Of these reasons and more of it, coworking spaces can prove to be the future classrooms for students.


Maybe, slowly and gradually, changing the educational system is always good, as the current system has been outdated.

You can’t confine education to the premises of learning things out of a textbook, it contains knowing about current events. The futuristic possibilities of putting their knowledge and the skills that they can make to be a better person.

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