Everything you Should Know About Parental Control System on Child’s Phone

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Since cell phone devices have been evolved in our lives we have become completely dependent on it. Even the young kids and teens are second to none when it comes to the use of contemporary phones connected to the internet. Today, kids are obsessed with the smart handsets no time ever before and further; they are also addicted to the social messaging apps, instant messengers and social websites. Moreover, kids are reportedly involved in talking to online bullies, stalkers, child abusers and sexual predators. It is obvious, how a kid gets to know who is on the other side and it could be anyone who can trap your child. Therefore, parents should know the necessity of about parental control system on the child’s handset.

Why Parental Control App on the Child’s Phone is Necessary?

There are plenty of concerns and fears are growing among parents over the last decade. Young kids are getting involved in many inappropriate activities and they are getting trapped by the online predators and sex offenders to the fullest. Almost every second child who owns the mobile device and internet connection got bullies once in life. Furthermore, 95% of the children these days own their separate cellphone device and 75% of the children have internet access on their digital devices. It means young kids and teens are vulnerable to online predators and stranger dangers.

 Kids are getting involved in hookups via dating apps, adopt drug abuse with the peer’s pressure and last but not least they are highly addicted to searching for inappropriate websites on their mobile browsers.

Therefore, teens and kids have become the victim of digital dementia, several health issues and also have got health issues to the next level. These are the things that make parents set parental control on the digital devices of children. Now the question arises on how parents can choose and perform parental monitoring on children’s cellphones.

Install Phone Parental Control App on Kid’s Devices

Step1: Subscribe for Mobile Parental Control Software

When you have been made your mind that you are going to set parental tracking on kid’s handset then you must have the tool. Therefore, use your personal cell phone device browser and visit the webpage of the mobile parental monitoring app and instantly get a subscription. Besides, having a subscription check your email inbox and make sure you have got the credentials.

Step2:  Get Physical Access to the Child’s Mobile

Now you have to have the physical access on the target device and after you have got the possession then instantly go for the installation method. After you have completed the installation process successfully then activate it on the target device. Moreover, the icon of the cell phone’s parental software remains hidden and will not give a clue to your child that you have kept him/her under constant surveillance.

Step3: Use credentials to activate the web control panel

Now you need to use the credentials such as password and ID and activate your online control panel where you will have dozens of powerful and sturdy features. You can use all the features to dig out all the rabbit’s wholes on your children phone to the fullest.

Use Powerful Tools to Set Parental Control System on Kid’s Phone

Live Screen Recording

Parents can perform live screen recording on your children’s mobile and further users can be recording a series of back to back short videos of the screen and then upload all these videos into your web control panel. Moreover, you can watch all of the videos on the screen and get to know what kids and teens have done on their smartphones.

Text Messages Monitoring

You can monitor sent or received text messages, SMS, MMS and plenty of others alike and read the conversation remotely.

Live call recording

Parents can record live mobile calls and save the data of the call to the web portal using secret call recorder software.

Browsing Activities

Parents can see all the visiting websites with a complete time stamp and further you can get to know about bookmarked webpages on the bar.

Social Media Logging

Parents can explore the social media apps logs installed on kid’s phones such as messages, multimedia sharing, conversations, and audio-video conversations and last but not least voice messages logs of instant messengers.


Mobile parental tracking software is one and the only tool of its kind that parents should install on their kid’s phone for their safety online.

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