How Marketing Mix Raise Up Your Cotton Blend T-Shirts Business?

Cotton Blend T-Shirts Business

Cotton considered the best in the business. In contrast, most of the t-shirts are made from cotton stuff because, in every season, cotton blend t-shirts are worn excessively, and on every e-commerce platform, cotton blend apparel tagged as the most buying garments. Most of the people used to wear cotton blend t-shirts in a different season. IF we talked about the summer season, people want those who are responsible for giving them relaxed and stylish looks as well. In every closet, cotton blend t-shirts like Next Level 6210 t-shirts had some pure colors which are suitable for the casual summer looks. In the past years, cotton blend t-shirts are responsible for scaling up company revenues because t-shirts are mostly available on all e-commerce stores but perfect are those who completed the loop of 4ps for the impeccable revenue and sales.

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion


Product placement is a crucial aspect because every product has its credibility criteria like it mentioned above that cotton blend apparels are like be the game-changer for some stores. Because cotton is the only fabric that has grown on a large scale and then shipped to the industries where the apparels are manipulated and categorized into its sub-branches from which different garments made. Cotton blend products that are available in the market at most competitive rates, you have to analyze that which brand offers which type of cotton fabric on which prices then you made your pricing strategies to give edge cutting to your competitors. There are some points which are considerable before the product placement.

Create Buyer Personas

Conduct Customer Research

Do much homework much about your current or potential customer, it helps you to find out your target oriented audience.


Once a concrete understanding of the product offering established, we can start making some pricing decisions. Price determinations will impact profit margins, supply, demand, and marketing strategy. The pricing elasticity is depending upon the other two PS. IF we talked about the cotton blend t-shirts there, prices are fluctuating every year. Because different kinds of cotton apparel are available in the market according to the season, their pricing strategies are varying according to the seasons. Where cotton blend hot stuff is not available in the summer season, it’s a closed season for the e-commerce stores at that time cotton t-shirts price are slightly different from each other. IF you are fond of wearing branded shirts, precisely their price is on a large scale as compared to the products. During the pricing of your product, there is some point to ponder, which helps you in making effective pricing strategies.

A strategy that you are going to peruse should be based on the value of your product Production and distribution costs of the merchandise. If you are selling your product on the e-commerce platform, your shipping price matters try to reach out to maximum regions or territories.


Place refers to where the consumer easily accesses your products or service. Is it about putting the right product in the right place? Conventionally, this includes newspapers or retail stores. With digital marketing, there is a versatile range of channels that are available to meet the user’s specific needs. Thus, it makes the placement of products thought-provoking because there are more possibilities for consumer experience. As far as the cotton blend products are concerned, their product placement is just perfect according to the consumer’s needs. Whereas, online business has some complexities unintentionally to “places” in the marketing mix. But on the other hand, there is a decent advantage of online store that we live in the era of digitization and where your target audience searches you out through the divine internet. For the proper distribution of channels, let take a look at those points that should be more effective or more likely converted into a lead or sale forum.


After the completion of a loop of 3ps, the development is the final stage, whereas promotion does not equal marketing. Businesses need to integrate their marketing approach and include all four essential elements. This is how your business can grow its market share, and if the loops wouldn’t be completed, then your product wouldn’t be able to reach out to the audience. For the proper reach point, there some paints from which your product gain much attention among the audience.

Technology and Communication.

The communication platform needs to be appropriate to the product and consumer thus the major distribution channels include

  • Search Engine (Organic Results)
  • PPC (Paid Promotion Clicks)
  • Displaying Adds of the brand
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Blogging (Guest Post Articles)

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