10 Best Free PC Cleaner Software for Windows 10

PC Cleaner Software

PC Cleaner Software expands the lifetime of your computer and avoids all errors, viruses, malware, and bugs from attacking the data. It is highly useful to increase the performance of your PC and clean all unnecessary images, videos and files. Also, these software come in very handy with maintaining the level of cybersecurity of your website.

Why Is A PC Cleaner Software Important for Windows 10?

  • It frees space by removing all unwanted files.
  • Removes logs to maintain stability.
  • The Optimizer cleans the registry database for the maintenance of a system.
  • Scans your PC to get rid of cache, incomplete downloads, and junk files.
  • It improves the performance of the PC.
  • It provides complete protection and safety to the system.

Nowadays, there are many free PC optimizers available in the market, but we can’t trust them all. That is the reason we have tested a few highly known software and prepared a list of the best ones. Read below to find out which ones would help to enhance the performance of your netgear genie windows 10.  

Best Free PC Cleaner Software for Windows 10

1. Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer is one of the best software cleaners which will clean all the junk files, caches and logs. With just a click, your PC would clean up, leaving it free from errors and malware. The cleaner provides a user-friendly interface which means you don’t need any technical skills to work with it. This cleaner is the best for optimizing hard disks, performance-boosting, and protecting the system from any attacks. Its robust functionalities help it to take the lead in the market. 

2. Glary Utilities Pro 5

Glary Utilities Pro 5 is a multipurpose free PC cleaner software for Windows 10 which offers excellent optimization to your PC. It helps to repair the disk, cleans unwanted files, and helps to boost the performance of your computer. The best part about Glary Utilities Pro 5 is that it provides a collection of small tools that are helpful to customize your PC according to your preferences. You can also find empty folders, remove broken shortcuts, and split large files through its wonderful tools.

3. CCleaner Professional

CCleaner Professional is one of the oldest and powerful software which helps to clean every minor virus on your computer. Its robust tools clean the places where the Default cleaner can’t reach too. It offers a very convenient interface and helps to boost the performance of your PC in seconds after cleaning all unwanted files and netgear genie app for windows 10.

4. WinZip System Utilities Suite

One of the most powerful PC cleaner software for Windows 10 is the WinZip System Utilities Suite that delivers a set of all useful tools to get the most out of your PC’s productivity. After fixing all problems, deleting unwanted files and netgear genie app for windows 10 and detecting issues, it helps to make your system healthier. You won’t face any lags after getting your PC cleaned by this software.

5. CleanMyPC

Next on the list is CleanMyPC by MacPaw, a great software that offers a wide range of tools including Uninstaller, Computer Cleanup, Startup Manager and Registry optimizer. All the tools are available with an easy to use interface for improving the performance of your netgear genie windows 10 PC. You can also securely delete data through its advanced features. One great thing is that the software comes up with 19 different languages so people in every state can use it.

6. WinUtilities Pro

WinUtilities Pro is one great software offering a whole lot of features to enhance the performance and efficiency of your PC. It comes up with six modules including Privacy & Security, Clean Up & Repair, Files & Folders, Optimize & Improve, Registry Tools and System Tools, to enhance and speed up your PC. 

7. PC Booster

PC Booster is widely recognized for providing users with excellent PC cleaning tools and features. As soon as you install this on your PC, it will automatically start cleaning your system by removing all unnecessary data. All system issues and errors will be scanned with a click. You can repair your system and erase all unwanted files and logs. 

8. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019

One of the most exquisite Ashampoo WinOptimizer PC Cleaners helps to keeps your PC in a perfect and flawless condition and shape. It delivers unlimited speed and efficiency of your system. Its optimization features keep your best netgear genie windows 10 free from all malware and bugs. It also offers tools that help to personalize your system according to your needs.

9. Avast Clean Up

One of the new PC cleaner software for Windows 10 in the market is Avast Clean-Up which offers a smooth running of your system. It was launched by a well-established brand Avast. The software provides incredible features that help to keep your system healthy and efficient. It also helps to free up space by deleting all unwanted files.

10. IObit Advanced SystemCare 12

Last but not least, IObit Advanced SystemCare 12, which offers a robust performance to netgear genie windows 10. Its highly efficient tools help to keep your PC wholly maintained. The software has some fantastic features which make it accessible, including junk swipe and Internet booster. They also provide safety protocols for keeping your PC away from malware.

Final Words

Through this tech guide, you now know which PC cleaner Software for Windows 10 will be the best for you. All those mentioned above are the best solution to keep your PC free from malware and other issues. Without wasting time, get these free software to boost the performance of your system.

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