Sims Cheats: Full Sims Cheats Codes that you Need to Know

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There are plenty of The Sims cheats you can utilize to earn more money, age up sims 3 cheats, and make users happy. You can even get real estate for free and if you need it, you can do with the Sims 3 cheats. Moreover, you only will have to deal with your moral compass. However, getting a fantastic house and unlimited Simoleans will undoubtedly ease the burden.

First, you will require to enable the sims cheats in your game, and would require to get all Matrix on your Sims and ripping apart their reality from inside the code for your selfish needs. This is something you need to do at your own risk. Who knows what could occur in an ideally built, financially abundant utopia and where everyone is pregnant with twins.

Read on our full guide on all the best the Cheats sims 3 and how to use them effectively.

The Sim Cheats

To kick off with Sims 3 pc cheats, you need to use Control-Shift-C for opening the command box. The box will allow you to type in the cheat codes for the desired impacts to achieve.

The main Cheats sims 3 code you need is ‘testingcheatsenabled true’, as this sims cheat allows you to Shift-Click on various elements in the world and edit their features. You can use:

  • Shift-Click on your Sim to edit status and traits,
  • Click-Shift any location for allowing teleport,
  • Shift-Click on other Sims to amend friendships,
  • Shift-Click on a mailbox to adjust your career, and more.

Some other cheats are revealed below to get ultimate gaming experience:

kaching – +1,000 Simoleons

rosebud – +1,000 Simoleons

help – Display most cheats sim 3

motherlode – +50,000 Simoleons

modify traits – clear or Set traits

shazaam – +2,500 lifetime happiness points to activate Sim

make motives [static|dynamic] – Set motives static or dynamic for entire household

make happy – Sets all mood/moodlets for everyone in the house to perfect; removes negative moodlets

unlockoutfits [on|off] – View career outfits and service uniforms. This is one of the cheat code that must be enabled before entering Create-A-Sim mode

force all events – Click career building to display all events for the career consecutively

force event – Click career building you work at to force an event

force opportunity – Click career building work at to force a chance

set career [career] [level] – Give selected Sim a career

Killer Sims 3 PC Cheats

force visitor – Forces a neighbor to show up

force service sim [name] – Force a specific service Sim to appear

add to household – Add active Sim to current household

buydebug – Lets you purhase anything, including locked objects

freerealestate – Do not think of the cost when buying a lot

resetsim [first name] [last name] – Return Sims to safe and neutral state at home

make friends for me – Make many random friends for selected Sim

make me know everyone – This cheat selects Sim who knows every other Sims

edit in cas – Take the Sim back to Create-a-Sim – one of the major sims 3 cheats

forcetwins – enter after clicking on a pregnant Sim

ageuptonpc on – Ages up a Sim into a non-controllable NPC who lives in your household. Works on children

set age [number] – Set age of the Sim

make motives [static|dynamic] – Set motives static or dynamic for entire household

make happy – Sets all mood/moodlets for everyone in the house to perfect; removes negative moodlets

enablellamas [on|off] – Llamas enabled message

jokeplease – Print random joke to console

quit – Quit the game

Some More Cheats

fullscreen [on|off] – Toggle full screen

fps [on|off] – Toggle frame rate display at top right and slowmotionviz: [0-8] – Slow motion visuals; 0 is normal while 8 is slowest

hideheadlineeffects [on|off] – Hide or show talk/thought balloons above Sim’s head AND snapobjectstogrid [true|false] – Toggle snap to grid to place objects

snapobjectstoangle [true|false] – Toggle 45-degree angle object snap

fadeobjects [on|off] – Objects get faded when camera goes closer to them

disablesnappingtoslotsonalt [on|off] – Objects will not snap to slots while holding Alt

constrainfloorelevation [true|false] – Force terrain adjustments irrespective of Sim, objects, and other structures

moveobjects [on|off] – No restrictions for placing or moving objects

Last Word

So, above are a few of Sims 3 pc cheats that you can use and master the game. So, amass points and get to the “Mr Trophy” title.

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