6 Cricket Legends who are Living a Tough Life off-the Field

Cricket Legend

There are a number of cricketers who chose to become politicians, commentators or coaches. However, there have been lesser-renowned legends of cricket who lived a different or difficult life when the limelight ceased to shine on them.

So, here are 6 famous cricketers who later on chose different professions after finishing cricket career:

#1 DICK MOTZ (New Zealand)

Dick Motz was the main New Zealander to step through 100 Test wickets. Also, he had an advantageous record of having dismissed Geoffrey Boycott six times. He was additionally the very first Test pacer to have been banned from bowling for “running on the pitch”.


Motz had a miserable post-retirement life He worked at different places to win bread. He had a spell driving cabs in Christchurch. During the journey, renowned Pakistani columnist Qamar Ahmed recognized him while he was heading to a Test match. Motz spent the final few days of his life in extreme poverty and died in the same way.

#2 CHRIS OLD (England)

Chris Old, an ex-Ashes hero, helped England bowl and bat their way to triumph in 1981. He is popularly said to have earned under £3,000 for his valiant accomplishment. A post-retirement life full of neediness constrained him to search for different occupations to continue his life’s wheels.

The former English pacer, nicknamed ‘Crisp’, presently runs a beachside fish sticks and French fries shop in Cornwall.

“Some [people] do recognize me – and it’s pleasing when they do because I’m still very proud of my cricket career. It’s generally older people because it’s over 30 years ago since I played in Test matches for England.” Old said in an interview.

#3 CHRIS HARRIS (New Zealand)

Who cannot recall Chris Harris? A genuine Kiwi all-rounder who produced some effective back-of-the-hand slower deliveries with deadly consistency. He was an astounding servant of the game who played four World Cups. During his playing days, the New Zealand team used to tremendously depend upon him in the 90s and early 2000s.

Post-retirement, Harris spent a lot of time in the commentary box with Sky Sport over the years. Apart from being a commentator, the former New Zealander worked as a salesperson for a distributor of the orthopedic devices. He has spent a fair bit of time in various surgery rooms.

As of now, former Kiwi cricketer Chris Harris has joined the MediaWorks’ Canterbury sales team. Aren’t these profession interesting and surreal?

#4 EDDO BRANDES (Zimbabwe)

Zimbabwean quick bowler Eddo Brandes is frequently alluded to as cricket’s most popular chicken rancher. When most Zimbabwean cricketers were amateurs with other full-time jobs, fans could be excused for feeling that ‘Chicken Farmer’ was a piece of Brandes’ name. The words showed up so frequently in parenthesis after his name.

Brandes played 10 Tests and 59 ODIs and got a hat-trick against England in 1997. His famous conversation with Glenn Mcgrath is still well-recollected. Unfit to reject him, McGrath attempted to sledge him by saying “For what reason are you so fat?”. In reply, Brandes cheekily answered, “In light of the fact that every time I make love to your wife, she gives me a biscuit.”


Salil Ankola is remembered as the third player who made his international debut alongside Sachin Tendulkar and Waqar Younis in 1989. Ankola didn’t proceed to have a renowned cricket career like the other two mentioned above.

Ankola represented India in one Test and 20 ODIs between the years 1989 and 1997. However, his career was diminished because of an ordinary form and a long span of injuries.


After leaving cricket, Ankola became popular due to his acting skills. He acted in soap TV series named Kora Kagaz, CID., Ssshhh …Koi hai and Vikraal aur Gabraal.

He made his debut in Hindi cinema with a movie called Kurukshetra. He further appeared in two more movies in India.

#6 CHRIS CAIRNS (New Zealand)

It is nothing less than a disaster that one of the best all-rounders of the 90s currently needs to do physical work professionally. Chris Cairns’ is an ultimate riches-to-rags story as he currently invests his energy driving trucks or cleaning transport shelters for $17 per 60 minutes.


The skilled all-rounder got involved in a match-fixing scandal after his previous partner Lou Vincent said he was baited by Cairns into corruption which included ideas of money and sex to fix matches.

The 44-year-old Cairns, being reportedly bankrupt, has now taken up a job which involves trucks operation.

Wrap Up

Life is really unpredictable. As far as the above cricketers are concerned, some were forced to choose a different occupation while others had made a surreal switch.

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